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We make things happen

Luxor’s dynamic and multi-talented crew is committed to making sure your project, big or small, comes to life.

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We get things off the ground

Event Services

Events can be anything from a speech to a big concert. No matter the occasion, we'll help you make sure the technology is right. Luxor's clients include all the country's major event companies.


We rent equipment

Equipment Rental

Our warehouse is full of equipment that is ready to go. Everything from multi-connectors to high-end audio systems. If we don't have it, we can definitely find it for you.


We have equipment and the know how

Equipment Sales

We have years of experience in the sale and installation of all kinds of equipment. Whether you need lighting in a dentist's office, content storage or gold-colored confetti, we've got it covered.

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We are a team focused on providing you with world class service.

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