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Standards and environment


At Luxor, we want to work in harmony with society and our environment. By integrating sustainability and socially responsible activities, we contribute to profitability and future growth for the benefit of society, customers, employees and shareholders.

Luxor promotes sustainability and the protection of the environment by reducing the environmental impact of its operations through responsible and conscious use of resources.

Luxor focuses on providing excellent service and ensuring that the service is accessible and in line with the needs and wishes of customers. Job satisfaction is an important prerequisite for happy customers. With good working conditions, Luxor ensures that it is always at the forefront and employs excellent staff. Luxor respects basic human rights as described in international agreements.

Luxor follows the laws and regulations that apply to our industry. Efforts are made to ensure that governance is in accordance with guidelines for good governance. Luxor has a clear policy to combat money laundering, crime and corruption.

Luxor's focus on sustainability and social responsibility take into account the United Nations' global goals for sustainable development and recognized standards for environmental, social and governance issues. The following five goals are mainly related to our activities:

- Health and well-being,
- Sustainable energy
- Good employment and economic growth,
- Innovation and development
- Responsible consumption and production

We have good cooperation with our customers and build our services on decades of experience of our staff. We want to be a desirable place to work.


In the fast-paced world of technological revolution, it is very important to invest in equipment that lasts a long time to prevent unnecessary disposal of equipment, and therefore we have chosen suppliers who have invested heavily in the development of their products. We encourage foreign suppliers to send us products with as little packaging as possible.

We also run our own workshop and do as much as possible to avoid unnecessary transportation of equipment abroad.

In the production of events, it is important to use all raw materials more than once, and therefore we try our best to manage the use of materials in such a way that it is possible to reuse and reduce waste.

Luxor has replaced a lot of incandescent lights with LED lights, which means much slower replacements and much less electricity consumption. Also, the use of plastic color filters has been almost stopped as a result.

In 2021, Luxor started replacing vans with fossil fuel to electricity and intends to move its entire fleet to electricity.

More emphasis has been placed on the sorting of waste for recycling

Saving data in cloud services has also meant that contracts and other things are now only in electronic form, and therefore printing data has reduced the use of paper and print cartridges. More and more customers prefer e-business, which results in less paper use and savings in postage costs