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Event services

Your event deserves the very best

It doesn't matter if it's a concert, product launch or any type of gathering the right equipment is needed for guests to enjoy themselves.

These could be sound systems, lights, projectors, LED screens, stages, etc. We help you implement what is needed in terms of devices, cables and connectors.

We can take care of the whole technology package for you if you want. Stage design, installation and dismantling of equipment and transport.

When events become larger in scale, it often pays to bring an event company to the table.
In Iceland, there are great event companies that plan your event from A-Z.
We are used to working with all of them.

SS22-3D Teikning

Design & Consultation

Luxor offers design and advice for your event, no matter the size.
Our staff has decades of experience producing events and no project is too small or big for us.

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Robe Spiider Disko 1

Equipment Rental

Luxor operates a powerful equipment rental company that has the right equipment for your project.
Luxor strives to always have the latest and greatest equipment available to our customers no matter what the project.

Starfsmenn Luxor Setja Upp Rafithrottamot I Laugardalsholl
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Setup & Derig

We are a full service company so we can help you with the setup and de-rig of the equipment.

Hlustendaverðlaun 2020 Valorant - MSI 2021-2

Big & Small Projects

All events are important to us, big and small.

RVK Studios - Katla Back

TV & Film

Luxor has decades of experience in television and film solutions.
We have worked on projects such as Idol, X-Factor, Voice Iceland and Katla, to name a few.

Marel - Capital 6M4A9608

Streaming Services

We can provide high end solutions for streaming to any platform using our staffs vast experience of work on TV and broadcast.