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Robe Spiider

Robe Lighting

Robe is among the world’s leading moving light manufacturers, recognised for its innovation, quality engineering and dedication to the very highest production values.

The company is based in the Czech Republic and all processes involved in making the luminaires is undertaken locally in a 75.000 square metre premises. Currently Robe employs over 750 skilled staff worldwide.

Robe has wholly-owned subsidiaries in six key markets – the U.S., U.K., Middle East, Singapore (Asia Pacific), France and Germany - and a highly proactive and talented regional sales management team which helps oversee and co-ordinate the worldwide distribution network covering over 100 countries.

Robe’s moving and LED lights can be found everywhere. They are working and installed on stages and in concert halls, in theatres and all types of other venues; they are lighting all genres of performance from music to TV to drama and opera; appearing on a myriad of diverse events as well as at theme park attractions and entering the specialist worlds of architectural and environmental illumination.

The company is very proud of its independence and private ownership. 

This ensures the business remains agile, efficient, decisive and focussed on producing genuinely creative tools for an imaginative and exciting industry that constantly pushes boundaries.

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Acme Lights

The ACME Group, founded in 1985, is a pioneering, specialist manufacturer of professional stage lighting, sound systems and architectural lighting. Supported by extensive R&D, production and sales, ACME’s future-proofed factory spans an impressive 100-acre site in Gaoming district, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. In recent years the business has seen rapid growth in both its home market and overseas. Today, the ACME Group prides itself on its far-reaching sales and support network, which covers 70 countries and regions worldwide.  

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Cameolights (2)

Cameo Lights

Cameo is a brand of the Adam Hall Group, a global event technology manufacturer whose comprehensive product portfolio covers almost every area of modern event technology: audio, lighting, stands, stage equipment, hardware, accessories, and much more. We enable customers from all over the world to achieve unique event projects economically.

At Cameo, the Adam Hall Group’s lighting technology brand, professional lighting solutions for a wide range of applications on live stages, in theatres, clubs, and TV studios, for architectural lighting and more are created through daily development work. The range extends from static spotlights and moving lights to installation luminaires, lighting controls, lasers and fog machines. Whether it’s development, sales, marketing or customer service – our constantly growing team pursues a unified goal: to create reliable products that focus on the creative process in order to inspire people with the combination of light, creativity and technology.

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The story of VELVET begins in 2008 when two experienced cinematographers decide to create the luminaires with which they already dreamed at the film school where they met: robust, autonomous, versatile and lightweight luminaires with almost instant color temperature variation and green-magenta white point adjustment. 

They developed new LED-based lighting technology. Both pioneers traveled around the world presenting their innovative LED articulated panels. After this adventure, they soon launched the nowadays worldwide known VELVET panels. These quickly became iconic products of the industry due to the soft natural light texture and ease of use in combination with unique weatherproof protection for outdoor shooting.

Ben-Hur, Mission Impossible, Star Wars Episode VII, Trainspotting 2, James Bond Specter, A Monster Calls, Narcos are only some of the movies featuring VELVETs. Ten years later, the story continues developing new lighting solutions. The new EVO range full of velvety colors was born, as a result of close collaboration between cinematographers and VELVET’s Research and Development department.

Now that LED technology no longer seems crazy, at VELVET we continue to dream of offering increasingly natural and versatile lights to cinematographers. Furthermore, facilitating the life of the shooting crew with lighter, more efficient and resistant luminaires wherever needed. Dreamers?

Furthermore, making the film shooting crew life easier with lighter, more efficient and resistant luminaires wherever needed. Dreamers?


VELVET To Infinity and Beyond

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